I am Strange a Ghost Just Me

Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade July 2004

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I am the king of the anthill.

Run with me and you are free.

Leave and your mind will perish.

Compete and I shall give thanks.

For you are a wise man too.

Strange it may seem.

That I am yours,

And you are mine.

A gift under the Christmas tree.

There is a place in the vast unknown.

Where all are well and free.

When will we be?




Soon is my guess.

Soon we will be well and free.

I search for wisdom,

I search for love,

While swallowing down the devil's juice.

It helps to understand.

Flowers grow beneath my feet.

It is pretty neat.

The walls bend when I tell them too.

When I touch them my hand goes through.

This must be pretty new.

But it's not.

It's an ancient secret.

We are all connected,

From the Earth.

You are my sister and my wife.

You are my worst enemy tonight.

When you're gone.

Here I'll be.



When we shall meet


A ghost hides in my soul.

Making me do what I don't want to.

But I can't bullshit you.

It is untrue.

I control me.

Right here.

Right now.

And for he who judges me.

No excuses.

Just me.