Albert Speer was clearly involved in Nazi terror

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Albert Speer was clearly involved in Nazi terror, repression and anti-Semitism during the third riech.

In light of this statement, assess the part played by Albert Speer in implementing and supporting Nazi terror and racial policies.

Although many believe Albert Speer was just a humble architect caught up in an evil web of anti-Semitism and hate there is evidence to suggest other wise. As Speer rose through the ranks of the German political structure and became a master of the economy and inter political workings he would have seen or heard of the many policies of terror and repression that were idealised throughout the senior levels of the Nazi party.

When Speer's career in the Nazi party began he may have held the title of humble architect although this soon escalated to head architect and finally to minister of armaments. With this position came great responsibility and his humble beginnings soon changed.

This idea of the humble architect is perhaps best summed up in Van Der Vats biography 'The good Nazi' as it is clear that Albert Speer had a more influential role in the Nazi party than was portrayed at the Nurumberg Tribunals. It would be hard to argue that a man who had such an in depth knowledge of the German war economy would be disinterested in party politics and ignorant of the excesses of the Nazi regime, particularly in relation to the fate of the Jews.

In 1942 Todd, Speer's superior died suddenly in a plane crash as a result Speer was promoted to minister of armaments and munitions. Through this position Speer increased armaments production by close to 200%. Along with this position Speer received the job of 'resettling' many Jewish people in Berlin apparently to make room for German war veterans and families whose houses...