Air Pollution: Causes, Problems, and Solutions In Hong Kong

Essay by 98mj2 September 2004

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Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is not only prominent as an Asian commercial center, but also famous for its air pollution, which haunts the lives of thousands of Hong Kong people and wastes billions of dollars of the government and the private sectors every year.

It is an unchanging fact that air pollution in Hong Kong not only results in a waste of massive amounts of money, but also results in deterioration on the overall health standard of the Hong Kong population. No doubt that it is the task of the Government of Hong Kong to work out measures to tackle air pollution. Nevertheless, it is also the duty of the public to help and cooperate with the Government. In this essay, I will focus on two important causes of air pollution, which are vehicle emission and indoor air pollution. As for the part of problems, I will focus more on their effects to the well being of the general public.

For the part of solutions, I will focus more on the issues of the Government and what the public can do to help to eliminate the problems of air pollution, so that Hong Kong can continue to prosper in the coming future

The causes and problems:

1.Vehicle Emission

Vehicle emission indeed plays a dominant role in contributing to the serious air pollution in Hong Kong. Newer engines cause less pollution but many of the vehicles in Hong Kong are poorly maintained. This is either because people cannot afford the high maintenance price or they do not have the sense to do so. Both reasons contribute to the serious air pollution in Hong Kong. The Clear The Air Organization in Hong Kong observes that Hong Kong has approximately 146,000 diesel...