How Aboriginies delt with the changes.

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When the Europeans first came to Australia they thought that Australia was a land where they would establish a settlement and to expand England but when they arrived they found out that their were people living in Australia. But they thought that these people were uncivilised because of they way they dressed or because they didn't have money or a proper government system like the English people had. So they drove the aborigines away from their land and used the land the aborigines used to own for building towns, cities and for farming uses. They had to take down the forest and clear the land of any trees to make way for the towns and the cities.

When the Europeans came the aborigines had to deal with the changes when they came. The aborigines were forced to live their homes and move to a place where they was a forest where they could hunt for food.

It had also affected them badly because of disease. The disease came when the Europeans imported animals from England and some of the animals had disease in which the aborigines did not have the medicine to prevent the disease and some aborigines were infected and they died. They also dealt with the changes with the land pretty bad because they had to fight for their land and they lost it to the Europeans and the casualties from the aborigines were big.

The aborigines tried to resist the Europeans when it came to taking over the land. They also took some aborigines and used them as slaves. They also took their children away from the aboriginal family and raised them to be civilised. The aboriginals attacked the Europeans by raiding into buildings, destroyed stock, harassing the Europeans and stealing stock because the Europeans did not...