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So you think of yourself as an Australian? You think we live in a country where everyone has a voice? Where inequality, oppression and racism belong somewhere else? Well, your wrong. In Australia, we are facing a crisis that is screaming for attention, yet no body seems to hear. Aboriginal peoples suffer everyday in a countless number of ways. Depression, anger, and grief have decimated harmonious communities and domestic violence, alcoholism, drugs and theft have moved in. But do not think that this is a new problem. Its not. Australia has buried its head in the sand or dragged its feet in the mud for years over truly addressing the situation with realistic solutions. It seems that our government has abandoned its pride in a society that has always valued egalitarianism, mateship and a fair go. Or is it more to the point that they have indeed abandoned the heart of their nationality, for how else could the indigenous peoples that have represented the essence of Australia for thousands of years be left to suffer -STILL.

And while Australia has made some superficial efforts, they mainly consist of throwing money at the problem and relegating it to a position that will not cause to much trouble for their prospects of re-election. However with the abolition of ATSIC and no efforts being made to reassemble another organisation, indigenous Australians have once again been shoved to the bottom of national importance, and left without a voice.

So this is why the people of Australia must stand up, and force the government to find a new paradigm in which the aboriginal people of Australia have a real, democratic voice. We NEED a truly representative and accountable organisation that has ground level consultation and helps inspire the aboriginal people of Australia to take ownership...